Future of Finding a Lawyer: New Legal Mobile App

Future of Finding a Lawyer: New Legal Mobile App

Future of Finding a Lawyer: New Legal Mobile App

September 8, 2015

Introducing One Touch Law, a mobile application that will revolutionize the future of how lawyers and clients connect. One Touch Law launches in Austin, TX on September 8th, 2015 and will soon be expanding across the U.S. The brainchild of experienced entrepreneur and mobile strategist Carrie Chitsey Wells and seasoned advertising agency partner Kacy C. Wells, One Touch Law’s proprietary (pat. pending) mobile platform lets lawyers showcase their bios and choose their own consultations by law specialty  . . . but the best part is that it allows lawyers to post their availability through a sophisticated scheduler. Now lawyers and clients can instantly consult via video or phone chat with the touch of a button; whenever, wherever

With more than 110 million people in the U.S. that have used or will need a lawyer, finding the right one should be simple. However, that isn’t usually the case. Even a great online presence and ubiquitous advertising can make getting ahold of a lawyer an endless game of roulette. With One Touch Law, a client’s first audio or video 15-minute consultation is free. Chitsey Wells points out that with One Touch Law:

From the consumer’s point of view, they see which lawyers are available immediately, and choose one that best meets their needs. Instantly and in real-time, no waiting for callbacks or email replies searching for a lawyer during a stressful legal time. This is the beginning of a concept that will change the way service professionals interact with today’s consumer– we want everything at our fingertips– why should connecting with a lawyer be any different?

From a lawyer’s perspective, too much investment capital is spent on traditional advertising and AdWords, often ending in losses for both firm and client. One Touch Law aims to even the playing field between sole proprietors, small and large law firms– saving time, money and stress for clients and lawyers alike. With a pay-for-performance pricing model, One Touch Law lets lawyers choose how many consults they’d like. Chitsey Wells remarks that:

This is a platform that helps law firms acquire new clients without spending thousands of dollars in marketing. You can dictate exactly when you want to drive business. Lawyers can ramp up or down the lead flow based on their law practices’ needs; the scheduler is very flexible and easy to use. Maybe a busy parent or work-from-home lawyer only wants to take a consult after the kids are in bed or during naptime . . . with One Touch Law that’s no problem.

More than two thirds of people in the U.S. are smartphone users, and that number will continue to skyrocket. Any enterprise that wants to thrive in the future will need a great mobile marketing strategy. One Touch Law keeps lawyers one touch ahead of the competition and saves clients’ time, effort and money spent on fruitless searching.

Entrepreneurs that use lawyers on a regular basis, both personally and professionally, founded One Touch Law. With an eye for consumer experience and mobile technology, One Touch Law offers go-to technology for people seeking legal advice and attorneys. One Touch Law can be downloaded in the AppStore or GooglePlay and lawyers can sign up at www.onetouchlaw.com/lawyers. One Touch Law believes in philanthropy. We give back a percentage of revenues to Americans that cannot afford legal advice.

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