One Touch Law was founded by entrepreneurs who have used lawyers on a regular basis in both personal and business situations. With an eye for consumer experience and mobile technology, we found it was not easy to find a great lawyer in your area or afar. In talks with our lawyer business friends, we understood how difficult it was for them to keep up with mobile technology, digital advertising and traditional advertising while trying to get new business and work with their existing clients. We are bringing together the best of both worlds, a new way for consumers to look for legal professionals and a new way for the best lawyers to INSTANTLY connect with prospective clients through our proprietary mobile application technology. Every day people seeking legal advice as well as Entrepreneurs and business owners can find lawyers by specialty, location, rate and while seeing One Touch Law reviews. Lawyers are able to schedule their availability, connect with people seeking their specialty and have a dashboard to manage the interactions. We connect people seeking legal advice to lawyers through video or phone consultation and then it’s up to them to determine if they want to start a relationship outside the mobile application. One Touch Law is bringing the best sole proprietor attorneys and law firms to the forefront, making it easier for people to find them. The legal process is stressful enough, why should searching for a lawyer be stressful. One Touch Law believes in giving back, we have set aside a portion of revenue to donate to Americans in need of free legal advice that cannot afford to hire an attorney. Each consult will help a family or person in need of legal advice.