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One Touch Law Facts

Company Founded: March 2015
Founders: Carrie Chitsey Wells, @carriechitsey, 512-650-2776
Kacy C. Wells, @kacycwells,
Founder Bios & Social:
Company Social Media:
Twitter: @theonetouchlaw

Locations: Austin, TX and Cleveland, OH
Employees: 7
Investment: Angel and Founders
Technology: Custom Build available through (iOS) AppStore and (Android) GooglePlay, web portal for lawyers
Costs: Free to Consumers/Business Owners, Lawyers pay per consultation (no monthly fees)
Status: national roll out schedule, starting with Texas


Sometimes the greatest breakthroughs come from the most unlikely moments. Carrie knows this and has lived it. A born entrepreneur, she has made strides and built empires in a number of business realms– from thriving call centers and mobile marketing technology companies, to award-winning consulting firms. However, after moving across the country with her family, she noticed a major malfunction in what should have been a simple process. A legal hiccup while buying their new home in Ohio, that hiccup turned into a stressful storm and lengthy process. What should have been an easy fix (with the right attorney) took weeks of googling and fruitless phone-tag with legal receptionists. Without specific local connections, finding the right lawyer can be even more stressful than the legal issue itself. Luckily, Carrie’s myriad backgrounds in business, technology and marketing helped her illuminate this dire need. So, she teamed up with her husband (who owns a large advertising agency) to set out to find a solution that decreases the “pain, stress and agony of obtaining legal advice.” Every single day countless people struggle with legal hassles, and there hasn’t been any singular, reputable source or platform to accommodate those needs.

Current Market Issue: Having legal issues is stressful enough, but finding a good lawyer in the day of the Internet, traditional advertising and SEO is harder. Then you have to write emails, talk to receptionists and wait days for callbacks. While there are lots of free or paid online legal DIY forms, experience has found that these are very niche basic forms and may not be fit for more complex situations.

Solution: With One Touch Law’s mobile application, you can search for lawyers, read profiles and see instantly who is available via video and audio consultation. No more waiting, we give you the ability to find a lawyer whenever, wherever.

Industry Size: Over 33% of US adults sought legal advice in 2014. There are over 1.2 million active lawyers in the US and 50,000 law students coming out of law school each year.

The Skinny
One Touch Law’s mobile application connects people seeking legal advice to the best lawyers in one place INSTANTLY via video and audio consultation. We want everything at our fingertips, so why should finding a lawyer be any different?

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