Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I become a Lawyer in your mobile application?

Click on the “Sign Up” button on the Become a Lawyer page, fill out the application and we will review your information and will email you an approval within 2 business days or sooner. We will email you instructions to setup your profile within the mobile application and how to purchase your first consultations.

Does the Consumer know there is no Attorney/Client privilege?

Yes, the consumer agrees upfront when they setup their account that they are getting a FREE 15 minute consultation and there is no attorney/client privilege established and they are not hiring you through One Touch Law. Any relationships between the lawyer and the consumer will be created outside of the One Touch Law application. We do not participate in any fees, management or guarantees on relationships.

How much are Consults? How do you purchase consults?

Consults range based on your area and specialty in which you want to purchase. When you become an approved lawyer in the One Touch Law mobile application, you will be able to see per each specialty the associated pricing. They range from $35-200 per consult.
Once you have an approved account, you download the mobile application with the user name and password we email you. You can purchase consultations once you are within the mobile app using “Refuel My Account” in your lawyer dashboard home page.

Is there a minimum number of consults you have to purchase?

You can start with as little as 1-2 consults, once you try out the service and like it; you can then “Refuel Your Account”. Your profile will only show if you have consultations available for someone to connect with you. We recommend purchasing at least 5 to start.

Is there a maximum number of consults I can purchase?

No we do not have a maximum number of consults you can purchase. The more you are available and logged into the application (with consult credits) the more leads/consults you will receive.

What is Premium Service?

Premium Service is offered for a limited number of openings per market and per specialty. It moves you to the top of list (only if you are available) and puts a nice bold BLUE border around your name, highlighting your profile. If available in your area, you will be able to purchase it. If not and you want to be on the waiting list, email us at or check back to see if more become available.

Why is Premium Service Not Available for my Area?

Premium Service is only offered in limited quantities by area and by specialty. It is purchased on a first come first serve basis. If not available and you want to be on the waiting list, email us at or check back to see if more become available.

When will One Touch be in my area/state?

We have a city/state roll out plan based on demand. We are taking recommendations on our next area. Email us at if you want to be on the lawyer or consumer waiting list. We will email you as soon as we are in that market.

How do I setup my profile?

Once you receive your account information via email. You will need to download the One Touch Law mobile application in the Apple or Google Stores, login to the application and under the Lawyer Dashboard go to “My Account”. It’s important that you profile information is setup as consumers will not typically select you without a picture and full profile.

How do I buy consults? How do I refuel my account?

In the mobile application, in your Dashboard, click on the “Refuel My Account” button and it will allow you to select the types of consults you want to purchase/refuel, quantities and associated pricing.

Do my Consult credits expire?

Consult credits purchased are good for six months. Any credits left in your account after six months will be removed. You will always be able to see your consult balance to manage this.

How do I reset my password?

Before you login to the mobile application, click forgot password. We will email you a link to change your password.