Mobile App that Connects: Carrie Chitsey to One Touch Law

Mobile App that Connects: Carrie Chitsey to One Touch Law

Mobile Marketing: Think Outside The Box

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In any great business, profit should be the symptom of a worthy purpose, not the purpose behind the business itself. No one knows this more than Carrie Chitsey Wells, the Founder and CEO of One Touch Law. Carrie’s definition of success is founded in the desire to do more– she wants to make headaches and excess stresses disappear– and develop life-improving technology while doing so.

One Touch Law isn’t a typical start-up, nor is it a drop in a sea of endless mobile applications. One Touch Law is an entirely new mobile marketing technology that bridges the gap between consumer and attorney needs. There’s no technology like it that connects lawyers and clients; and it may never have existed if Carrie hadn’t moved across the country . . .

The Inspiration Behind A Mobile Marketing Triumph

Sometimes the greatest breakthroughs come from the most unlikely moments. Carrie knows this and has lived it. A born entrepreneur, she has made strides and built empires in a number of business realms– from thriving call centers and mobile marketing technology companies, to award-winning consulting firms. However, after moving across the country with her family, she noticed a major malfunction in what should have been a simple process. A legal hiccup while buying their new home in Ohio. A hiccup that turned into a stressful storm and lengthy process. What should have been an easy fix (with the right attorney) took weeks of googling and fruitless phone-tag with legal receptionists. Without specific local connections, finding the right lawyer can be even more stressful than the legal issue itself. Luckily, Carrie’s myriad backgrounds in business, technology and marketing helped her illuminate this dire need. So, she teamed up with her husband (who owns a large advertising agency) to set out to find a solution that decreases the “pain, stress and agony of obtaining legal advice.” Every single day countless people struggle with legal hassles, and there hasn’t been any singular, reputable source or platform to accommodate those needs. Realizing this, the entrepreneurial wheels began to turn . . .

Creating A New Methodology for Mobile Marketing Technology

The first step in solving a problem is admitting it exists. The next step is resolving to solve it. The step after that is actually solving it, which is usually the most frustrating. When Carrie zeroed in on the need for a service like One Touch Law– a complex mobile application with a simple user experience that eliminates a torrent of stress, time and money– she didn’t realize that she would be building a whole new platform for legal and mobile marketing interaction from the ground up. When One Touch Law was in its infancy, their intention was to license third party software and integrate specialized features for attorneys to interact with clients. Yet, the One Touch team soon found out that such technology didn’t exist yet. They had to build it from a blank canvas. According to Carrie, “architecting One Touch Law into what it is today, sewing the pieces together and building what needed to be built” has been as rewarding as it has harrowing. Most people would have given up, but most people aren’t Carrie Chitsey Wells.

Leveling the Playing Field

As traditional advertising turns into a vestige of the past, more and more lawyers are falling off the radar that once put them in the spotlight (think: bus benches, billboards, TV commercials, banner ads and even AdWords). Even major firms with millions to spend in marketing often watch their money drain away as they sit next to a silent phone. With One Touch Law, Carrie “levels the playing field” by offering a platform that caters to both small firms, independent attorneys and large firms alike. They can set their own hours according to their schedule, clients know they can find a local attorney in real time, anytime with the touch of a finger. Countless headaches and weeks of potential stress are eliminated, all because one remarkable entrepreneur relocated. One Touch Law’s mobile app launches in the Apple and Google stores in early September. One Touch Law is currently accepting lawyers in Austin, TX (Carrie’s hometown) where they will be rolling out the first market.

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