Law is Business Podcast: Growth Strategies

Law is Business Podcast: Growth Strategies

Law is BusinessEpisode 016: Growth Strategies, One Touch Law and Advice on Advice

Listen to Rusty Fleming, Esq, Law is Business Podcast episode 16 for interview with One Touch Law, co-Founder and CEO, Carrie Chitsey Wells.

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In today’s episode, I’ll discuss Growth Strategies, a service called One Touch Law, and Give Advice on Asking for Advice.
One Touch Law is a new service that will cause disruption in the market. Today I’m chatting with the founder, Carrie Chitsey Wells, who is a mobile marketing expert with a consulting background. One Touch Law came into existence when she experienced a family move from Texas to Ohio, needed legal help, and was unfamiliar with lawyers in the area. Statistics show that 33% of adults in the US sought legal help of some kind in 2014. Carrie shares the following about how One Touch Law works:

One Touch Law is available as a mobile app on iTunes and Google Play.
-The service is free for potential clients to sign up.
-Lawyers are available for video or audio consultations.
-The technology to connect both parties is built into the app.
-Standard pricing applies according to each practice area specialty and now ranges from $35-200.
-Attorneys can sign up via the website, set up their profile, and acquire the number of consultations they secure.
-The conversion rate currently is at about 20%—attorneys get one retained client per five consultations.
-There is a review system in place for clients to review attorneys.!episode-016-show-notes/cyvt

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