Law Firms Sentenced to Jail: Abandonment for Web & Mobile

Law Firms Sentenced to Jail: Abandonment for Web & Mobile

The status of law firm’s websites and mobile websites astonish, baffle, perplex, (I could go on and on) me.
The law firm industry is one of the largest spenders on advertisement in the US. You can’t help but see multiple TV ads for lawyers when you are watching a 30-minute show. You can’t drive through any major city or suburb without seeing a bus wrapped, park bench or billboard.
Some drive you to phone numbers, some drive you to their websites.

Thousands of dollars are spent per campaign a month for each lawyer to run this campaign. When you take this across the United States, we’re talking millions of dollars a day are spent on traditional advertising that lawyers. Smaller law practices and sole proprietors are pouring their hard earned money into for the dream of growing their law practice with traditional or digital marketing. Obviously, they are getting their phone to ring a few times to justify the expensive costs. However, what they aren’t measuring and the folks that are taking their money for advertisements aren’t telling them is in order to convert the people that are interested in their legal services, they need to have 1) a good website, that is updated regularly (most lawyers haven’t updated their site in three years, 2) a mobile responsive site as most people are pulling up their site on their phones (over 70% for local searches). If you don’t these two core components, it doesn’t matter how much you spend on the top of the funnel if they all fall out.

The legal industry is probably much farther behind than financial services and insurance (which is shocking).
So, why is it so critical to have a digital presence?
1. We have our mobile phone with us 24×7
2. We check our phone over 80+ times a day, higher than any other medium
3. Over 80% of local searches are coming from mobile phones
4. If you are spending money on AdWords, Google’s new algorithm takes into consideration if you have a mobile website, if you don’t you drop in ranking or potentially do not show up at all.
5. Creditability: a listing service does not count as a website, people searching for you want to see a full website to gain creditability, see you service, and how to contact you.

Law firms need to realize that mobile is critical to their marketing, content strategy and referral business to acquire new clients. Attorneys need to take the time and investment in a digital presence, there are many low cost solutions out there that do not require large investments in time and money.

Stay tuned for Part 2, where we discuss building a digital presence on a budget.
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