Tech-tonic Shifts for At Home Attorneys with One Touch Law

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No hair spray, cologne, starchy shirts or pantyhose. Forty-five more minutes of sleep, and the total obliteration of traffic jams sounds fantastic, right? The 3.3 million people (and growing) that telecommute agree. Until recently, working from home was seldom an option for the fast-paced world of attorneys, but with new technology and evolving trends, the verdict is in: working from home, full or part-time is awesome. Whether you’re looking to branch off on your own, or start partially telecommuting for a firm, there’s an arsenal of tips and tools with One Touch Law that can help you win more than just client cases– but extra personal freedom too.

In just 2012, the landscape of a home office was entirely different, notes Nicole Black for Lawyers need “a real office” say many, where they can entertain clients professionally. Even most proponents of working from home eschew the benefits of setting up a respectable in-home office to bring clients. Yet, there’s another evolution on the horizon that will make a lawyer’s at-home life even easier– easier than Skype, and even easier than Face Time. There’s a bevy of apps to help lawyers on-the-go, but none with the unique, all-encompassing features of One Touch Law.

Client acquisition has long been a struggle for attorneys, especially the home-based variety. Referrals dry up easily, and chasing ambulances or hunting the unhappily married doesn’t have the best rap and is time consuming. Legal consultant Susan Hackett tells “The Wall Street Journal” that apps are essentially the latest and greatest push for better client communication, yet most of them only offer a partial piece of what the client is looking for. Although some major corporations with huge legal teams have created their own mobile interfaces, the cost is impossibly prohibitive for most, and only about 20 percent of clients end up using them. There are, of course, websites and apps like that allow the potential client to search for lawyers in their area, but the details can be spotty, reviews may be inflated and the app is just a re-skin of their website, not offering any immediate access to the lawyer. Most of the time they’re left with a voicemail or reaching the receptionist.

One Touch Law, however, wraps marketing, client acquisition, reviews and consultation into just one touch. One Touch Law allows you to showcase your bio, specialties and reviews to clients seeking an attorney in your area. From there, if a client is interested in your services, they can contact you from the app and set up a consultation via phone or video chat. The best part is, with One Touch Law, the client is never left guessing when you’ll be around or get back to them. There’s a feature that shows your clients exactly when you’re available for a phone chat or video consultation. This all occurs within the mobile application, which allows for an instant connection that prospects want and demand. Plus, lawyers decide how many leads they’d like to purchase at a time, so attaining clients is never a wild ambulance chase or shot in the dark. It allows law firms and sole proprietors alike to compete on the same playing field, making it affordable for both groups alike. Instead of rushing downtown, praying there’s no line the espresso bar, hoping you get off in time to pick up your starchy dry cleaning– One Touch Law lets you curl up on your couch with your dog, sip your favorite Nespresso and let your smartphone cast the line while you reel in your new clients. Plus, One Touch Law is in the process of taking on new attorneys in select markets, making lawyer marketing available for today’s prospective client.

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